Juice Filling Solution

Concentrated Juice Solution(juice Filling Machine)

The juice filling machine is used to produce PET bottle juice within volume from 200ml to 2000ml, different models can satisfy various requirements of output from 1000bph to 25000bph.This machine incorporates washing filling and capping into one kind of full automatic equipment, it is suitable for producing PET and plastic bottled juice and tea.The method of filling adopts hot filling,the equipment is fitted with advanced Mitsubishi PLC to control the operation and cooperated by frequency converter of the main motor,it makes the operation more stable and reliable,the photoelectric sensor is used to detect operating confitions of each section, which makes the operation of this equipment highly automatic and convenient.

1Vacuum Degasser Tank

The vacuum degasser is the necessary equipment of juice production line. After the juice is homogenized, the vacuum degasser can prevent the oxidation of juice and prolong the storage period of juice.

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2Sugar Melting Pot

Sugar melting pot can complete the work of sugar melting by steam or electric heating, with a stirring motor. This machine is made of high quality SUS304 stainless steel, with simple structure and convenient use.

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3Mixing Tank

This machine has two specifications of single-layer and three-layer, single-layer is not heated, with mixing, three -layer is heated by steam or cooled by cold water, and also with mixing. This machine is made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel, polished inside and outside, easy to clean, corrosion-resistant. This scheme uses three-layer mixing tank.

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4Duplex Filter

The duplex filter is made of high-quality stainless steel 304, which can filter the small impurities of syrup. The filter membrane is high temperature resistant membrane, and the whole machine is made of stainless steel framework. The filtered syrup is clear and transparent without odor and sundries.

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5Plate Type Sterilizer

It is mainly used to make products safe to eat or drink, increase shelf life and to reduce spoilage,however it can also used to alter the properties of the end products, for example, pasteurization of yoghurt milk denaturates the proteins,enaling the yoghurt culture to grow and making the product both more viscous and stable.

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High pressure homogenization can homogenize liquid materials or form high-pressure spray, which is widely used in dairy, cold drinks, fruit juice drinks, edible chemical industry, pharmaceutical technology and other fields. The homogenization of the liquid under high pressure can prevent or reduce the stratification of the liquid, improve the fineness and crispness of the liquid, improve the internal quality of the beverage, improve the appearance of the liquid, and make its color more bright, fragrance more concentrated and taste more mellow.

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7Bottle Sterilizer

The online inverted bottle sterilizer is mainly composed of a conveyor chain system, a bottle body inverted chain system, a rack, a bottle inverted guide rod, etc.; the machine realizes automatic inverted sterilization and self reset, and in the sterilization process, it only needs to sterilize the bottle mouth and the inner wall of the bottle cap through its own high tempera ture of the contents of the bottle, without adding any heat source, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

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8Spray Cooling Machine

This machine is a four-stage treatment with circulating cold water cooling. The first section of the equipment uses hot water to spray the thermos bottle at a temperature of 74 ℃ for 4-5min. The second and third sections of the cooling tower use circulating water and tap water for spray cooling. The fourth section uses pure water to wash the bottle body to prevent stains on the bottle body. The equipment is equipped with an automatic chlorination pump, which can adjust the chlorination amount according to the water replenishment amount.

The design inlet temperature is 65 ℃, and the outlet temperature is lower than 40 ℃. The machine is composed of four parts: running chain plate, machine body, water circulation pipeline system and electrical control system. The frequency conversion motor drives the driving square shaft to rotate through the cycloid pin wheel reducer, and the sprocket on the square shaft drives the plastic chain plate to move, forming the chain plate mechanism. As long as the cooled material bottle (tank) enters the plastic chain plate, it will be pulled into the first cooling section by the chain plate, and it will be automatically crowded and arranged in order. The atomizing nozzle is arranged orderly on the top of the cooling area by the spray pump 1 The water is supplied to the thermos bottle, the bottle (tank) is heated, and the cooled water flows into the lower water tank, which is sent to the cooling device by the circulating pump for cooling, for the circulating use of the second and third cooling areas. After spraying, the pure water flows into the downcomer, so the fourth section of cooling water does not need to enter the cooling device. The fourth tank is self circulation. When the tank is full, the water will flow into the third and second tanks.

The fourth section is pure water spray device, which aims to make the cooled bottle (tank) dry without water mark. The cooling tunnel chain plate is a product of Rexnord company in the United States. The speed of conveyor belt is regulated by frequency converter. All spray pipes and nozzle heads are made of stainless steel, and each nozzle sprays water evenly. The water collecting tank of the cooling tunnel is made of stainless steel, and is equipped with high and low liquid level control and alarm functions. The spray cooling tunnel is equipped with spray circulating water pump and dosing pump.

9Auto CIP System

CIP cleaning equipment and the whole production line are circularly cleaned and disinfected in closed circuit without manual opening or opening. CIP can ensure certain cleaning effect and improve product safety; save operation time and efficiency; save labor force and ensure operation safety; save energy such as water and steam and reduce detergent consumption; production equipment can be large-scale and high automation level; prolong service life of production equipment.

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