What are the characteristics of the 3-in-1 filling machine?

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For the food industry, its better development is inseparable from the three-in-one filling machine and filling production line of this filling equipment.Take three-in-one filling machine, the success of the development for the day, the food industry to solve the filling problem, not only can better ensure product quality, but also better improve the production efficiency of enterprises.
Three-in-one filling machine before and after the use of attention to the operation is very important, which is good filling machine installation, commissioning, use, maintenance of the key.This is related to the filling machine production enterprises of the quality and efficiency of the basic work.
First of all, in the three-in-one filling machine before use, first install and then debug, in the debugging before carefully read the instructions, ready to use the tools.After filling the filling machine, the filling track, then the bottle into the level, the tank filled with material, all electrical switches in the closed position.Will be filling the container into the tooling box, connected to an external power supply, the power outlet must be a three-pin socket, and a reliable ground wire to prevent the case of leakage, the machine power switch to ON, power indicator light.With three-in-one filling machine filling the brackets supporting the brackets to withstand the filling frame, with your fingers on the top of the top of the filling pin on the positioning sleeve, positioning sleeve should be able to move up and down, where the filling needle exposed or retracted intoUnimpeded.The switch below the tank to the open position, so that the material can flow into the total metering pump, according to the total volume of each container filling, adjust the screw on the crank, the filling speed control plate knob to spin about 20 degrees, And then set the switch on the speed control board to open the position.
Three-in-one filling machine after use should pay attention to its maintenance, cleaning and cleaning in the maintenance of the piston and when the same time to remove the fixed screw, so as not to affect the first time in the demolition of another process requirements.Before cleaning the piston filling machine, the remaining product should be cleaned, and then filled with soft detergent in the bucket.The cylinder has been lubricated at the factory. Please do not open or add any lubricating oil to ensure that the filling machine is clean and hygienic.In addition, while maintaining and correct the use of filling machine at the same time, but also regular testing, debugging, only the filling machine can be healthy and stable work.