Mineral Water Treatment Plant (Ultrafiltration) Mineral Water Treatment Plant (Ultrafiltration)

ultrafiltration mineral water treatment plant structure is simple, the use of ultrafiltration membrane purification and separation technology, thoroughly filter out water bacteria, rust, colloid, macromolecular organic matter and heat source, to retain beneficial to human health trace elements, is purified water microbes And turbidity and other key indicators better than bottled drinking water health standards. 

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1. Ultrafiltration membrane aperture is small, high precision;

2. Using vertical cross filter principle, can be automatically washed, not easy to dirty block, long service life;

3. Water production capacity, can achieve water production at the same time to meet the water demand;

4. With water protection, high and low voltage protection and other functions;

5.  Low cost, practical and strong;

6. Simple structure, small footprint, less ancillary equipment, easy to expand and increase the components

7. Simple operation, fast start, easy to maintain, easy to control



Technical Parameters: 

1. Water production: 1m3-1000m3(according to customers' requirement)

2.  Ultrafiltration membrane diameter size: 0.001-0.01um.

3. Working pressure: 0.2-0.4MPa

4. Water temperature: 10-60℃

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Working process of drinking water treatment plant :

1. Raw water pump-- provide the pressure to quartz sand filter/active carbon filter.

2. Multi-medium filter-- get rid of turbidity, suspended matter, organic matter, colloid, ect

3. Active Carbon filter--Remove the color, free chloride, organic matter, harmful matter, ect.

4. Softener--exchange "ions" of calcium and magnesium with the most common and easiest method.

5. Micron filter--prevent large particles, bacteria, viruses into UF membrane, accuracy is 5um,

6. High pressure pump-- Provide the high pressure to UF membrane ro.

7. Ultrafiltration device -- Can effectively remove the water particles, colloids, bacteria, eliminating endotoxin and high molecular organic matter